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Design Products and Services (Y2 P)

Design Products and Services Your Customers Want

This workshop is about how to get more customers by creating the best possible portfolio of products and services

Explore the options for creating new or different products and services and for building a roadmap for your future product development.

Target audience‚Ä®: This workshop is for startup and growth companies in all life-stages and within all industries.

The purpose of this workshop is to:

1. Review your current and future product mix
2. Find out how your current products create value for your customers
3. Explore how new products can help get customers
4. Make an action plan for improving your products and services

When the workshop is over you will walk away with the following:

1. A toolstack to work with your product portfolio
2. A 30-60-90 Days Action Plan for your next steps
3. Ideas and feedback from other entrepreneurs
  • Introduction to How to Design Product and Services Your Customers Want
  • Welcome
  • Working with tools
  • The Product Mix
  • Product Mix Introduction (0:25)
  • Product Mix Framework (1:40)
  • Product Portfolio Examples
  • Product Portfolio Decision Sheet Introduction
  • Product Mix Decision Sheet
  • Reflection Time: Your next new product/service
  • Pilot Product Decision Sheet Introduction
  • Pilot Product Design Decision Sheet
  • Levels of Product Value
  • Levels of Product Value Framework Introduction
  • Levels of Product Value Framework
  • Product Qualities Decision Sheet Introduction
  • Product Qualities Decision Sheet
  • Product Value Proposition Decision Sheet Introduction
  • Product Value Proposition Decision Sheet
  • Reflection Time: Levels of Product/Service Value
  • Product Roadmap
  • Product Roadmap Framework Introduction
  • Product Roadmap Framework
  • Product Roadmap Decision Sheet Introduction
  • Product Roadmap Decision Sheet
  • Taking Action on What You Learned
  • Create Your 30-60-90 Days Action Plan (1:35)
  • 30-60-90 Days Action Plan Online (3:14)
  • Closing
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever