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Get Your Marketing Message Out to the Right Clients (G2 P)

This workshop is about how to market your business in the best way to get and keep more customers.
- Explore the possibilities of using different media in your marketing campaigns.
- Plan the gathering of information about your customers to use in marketing communication.
- Decide on core marketing messages to convey to different customer groups.
- Make an action plan for your marketing campaign.

When you finish this workshop you will have a toolstack of tools to use to brainstorm about your marketing and a 30-60-90 Days Action Plan to help you create a realistic plan moving forward.
  • Introduction to Getting Your Marketing Message Out
  • Welcome - Get Your Marketing Message Out to the Right Customers (2:54)
  • Working with GrowthWheel Tools (1:27)
  • Marketing Fan: The Right Marketing Activities
  • Marketing Fan Framework Introduction (1:46)
  • Marketing Fan Framework (1:23)
  • Marketing Fan Framework Examples (5:35)
  • Make decisions when it comes to marketing
  • Marketing Mix Decision Sheet Introduction G2.01 (0:52)
  • Marketing Mix Decision Sheet G2.01 (1:24)
  • Customer Survey Decision Sheet Introduction G2.03 (0:32)
  • Customer Survey Decision Sheet (1:30)
  • Marketing Message Decision Sheet Introduction G2.06 (1:26)
  • Marketing Message Decision Sheet G2.06 (1:16)
  • Elevator Pitch Decision Sheet Introduction G2.04 (0:41)
  • Elevator Pitch Decision Sheet G2.04 (1:35)
  • Customer Dialogue Decision Sheet Introduction G2.05 (0:55)
  • Customer Dialogue Decision Sheet G2.05 (1:21)
  • Take action on what you learned
  • Create Your Action Plan
  • 30-60-90 Days Action Plan Online (3:14)
  • Wrap Up and Thanks for Joining Us! (2:25)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever